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Chinking is a process of sealing the gaps between the logs in a log home designed to stop wind, rain and insects from penetrating your home, possible causes for the logs to rot. In addition, especially when combined with the use of backer rods, chinking provides insulation keeping your log home thermally efficient by reducing drafts and heating costs.
Today’s chinking is a latex, mortar textured, sealant applied between the logs designed to look like the original style mortar but it is able to stretch and contract with the natural movement of the logs during the different seasons.
Chinking is very time consuming and must be applied very neatly and our experienced chinkers ensure  that your home looks it’s absolute best. Properly applied chinking can not only be very aesthetically pleasing but increases the comfort, preservation, and resale value of your home.

Typical chinking application

Backer rod installation

Close-up of Chinking fill

Smoothing it out

Finished Appearance

Old Chinking removed

New Chinking being applied

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