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Restoration Process


The log /wood restoration of your structure is a labour intensive operation containing a number steps. The   typical process (although not all instances) is as follows:
 On-site Project Assessment
 Cedar Laine meets with the client on-site to identify any special requirements, answer any   questions and   discuss options available.
 Preparation of  the project site
 This can be as simple as making sure the crew has access to all pertinent parts of the project.   Access to   various parts of a project can be a challenge due to height, location foliage,     garden, or other obstacles.   Cedar Laine employs the use of ladders, scaffolding and where   necessary hydraulic booms.
Island Access
There is no need to worry if your cottage is on an island
either as Cedar Laine has its own pontoon boat to transfer
supplies/staff to and from the mainland and occasional
access to projects from the lake side.
Media Blasting
The reason for blasting your log/wood structure is to open the pores of the wood in order to provide a secure surface for the stain which will be applied afterwards. There are several different media type available depending on the application, examples include corn cob, dry ice, sand, or glass beads. We recommend the use of corn cob as it is environmentally friendly, recoverable on most projects and is the most cost effective method.
See the process in action here.
The next stage is the hand sanding of such items as window trims, door trims, casings, ceiling beams, horizontal of decks, top hand rails or any areas showing signs of deterioration or peeling to obtain a smoother texture
Power Wash
The entire project is now subjected to a low pressure power wash. This wash is combined with a biodegradable solution necessary to kill any fungi or mildew bringing the wood back to a “New Like” appearance.
Borate Type Application
In the case of a log structure we would now apply a borate type solution to all logs to help prevent wood rot and insect infestation.
Your structure is now ready to receive a high quality finish that is hand applied by brush to all required areas of the project. Multiple applications are usually completed at this stage as per Manufacturers specifications.
Again, in the case of a log structure, any required Chinking (backer rod where required) or caulking is done next. This could involve the removal of old deteriorated chinking, staples and the application of foam/chink. For more information see Chinking.
Clean up
We at Cedar Laine take great care in leaving a project site after completion in better condition than when we started. Our reputation is our business.
The end result looks something like this.












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