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On-Going Maintenance

On-Going Maintenance

Restoration of a log/wood home can be an expensive proposition. Once restored however, maintaining that home, cottage or deck in its original warmth and beauty takes a little TCL now and then. Nearly all of our Customers  have entrusted us at Cedar Laine Restoration with maintaining the beauty and value of their home, cottage, boat house, decks or docks. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Ensuring the stain product is applied properly to a correctly prepared surface is vital to the beauty and longevity of the building. This is why we recommend regular maintenance to preserve your log/wood building’s exterior and prevent degradation of the wood from becoming a major issue. If issues are dealt with as they occur, you are able to control costs and the home retains its value. Regular maintenance consists of the application of a Maintenance Coat to a completed project every three years for translucent finishes and every six years for an opaque  finish. We recommend an annual Maintenance Coat for the horizontal surfaces of decks and docks due to high traffic.

Typically clients ask why this is necessary as the structure still looks to be in good shape. The combination of UV rays, temperature variances, humidity and air borne pollutants  accelerate  the degradation of  wood materials, thereby reducing their useful lifetimes in outdoor applications. Left untreated you will soon be able to see blotchy, peeling or other areas of deterioration when the UV rays are starting to penetrate the existing finish which breaks down the protection.

A Maintenance Coat is simply the application of a solution to kill fungi and mildew, a low pressure power wash and brush application of a maintenance coat finish on your wood structure. This application will maintain the integrity and fresh crisp look of your building. These maintenance coats ensure the wood is properly sealed and can be used as an opportunity to properly assess the condition of the structure and correct any issues providing you with peace of mind.













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