Don’t replace those old floors…Restore them!

Your hardwood floors bring so much warmth and character to your home or cottage not to mention the increased value when maintained in prime condition. We can restore your old hardwood floors and add that special warmth and appeal these floors were designed for. Cedar Laine Restoration brings life back to your old hardwood floors by sanding, applying a pigment coat and three (3) colourless top coat finishes; sanding between coats. Call or Email for your Free Estimate

Hardwood Floor Testimonial

We keep busy during the colder months too..... “I would not hesitate to recommend Cedar Laine Restoration to anyone who is looking to have their hardwood floors refinished. When we purchased our new family “cottage” a few years ago, we “inherited” hardwood floors in the dining room/kitchen area that were worn right down to bare wood in many places, had water damage near the water cooler and outside doors and some fairly deep, dark stains in places due to spills of wine (or maybe grape juice??) had seeped into the bare wood and refused to come out. The hardwood floors run throughout the ground level of the cottage and in the living room, although they were still in good shape overall – they w

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