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Maintenance is the Key

The proper ongoing maintenance of your wooden structure is critical to the longevity of your finish . Extended periods of exposure without a maintenance coat leads to a breakdown of the finish and wood beneath it leaving you with only expensive options left to restore its lustre and beauty. That is why we recommend a maintenance coat on your structures at regular intervals. Typically every three years for a translucent finish and every five years for an opaque finish.

A maintenance coat is simply the application of a solution to kill fungi and mildew, a low pressure power wash and application of a maintenance coat finish on your wood structure. This application will maintain the integrity and fresh crisp look of your structure. These maintenance coats ensure the wood is properly sealed and can be used as an opportunity to correct any issues.

For more information refer to our website.Spend more time enjoying your cottage / home with the peace of mind of knowing you’re in good hands. Contact Cedar Laine today (705) 644-4619.

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