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Thinking of Summer? – Get the most out of your cottage

The snow may be on the ground but now is the time to plan your Summer to get maximum benefit from your cottage. Why not entrust us at Cedar Laine Restoration with maintaining the beauty and value of your home, cottage, boat house, decks or docks. This is a responsibility we take seriously.

Our goal is to ensure you of a show piece product, that will serve as source of pride for you and Cedar Laine Restoration. This will be achieved by the commitment of our expert staff providing the highest level of workmanship in the area of wood restoration. Our attention to detail is our reputation and we want to establish an ongoing rapport with you that furthers our reputation and enhances your unique building.

Now is the time to consider booking a spot for this season’s schedule in order to obtain maximum enjoyment of your cottage/home during the summer months ahead.

If you are interested in completing your project this season please contact us and we can provide a quick quote and availability for you.

Call today at (705) 644-4619

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